Pai Gow Ultimate Guide

  • Feb 25, 2022

Although not as popular as some other games, pai gow is a type of poker game that offers decent payouts. This article will talk about how the game works. Go to 1001-olinecasino for the best online casinos.

The Basic Rules

The basic rules of pai gow are the same for all versions. The goal is to form two hands — a high hand and a low hand with the 7 cards that are dealt in the game.

The high hand consists of 5 cards while the low hand has 2 cards. The dealer will also get 7 cards and form both a high hand and low. Both player's and dealer's hands are then compared.

Understanding the Hands

Since the low hands are made of two cards, it means that the highest rank you can form is a pair. As a rule of the game, the high hand must always beat the low hand.

If the low hand is higher than the high hand based on poker rankings, then you automatically lose the game for breaking the rules. You can check the rules of the variation you want to play to know what applies.

Winnings in Pai Gow

Once the dealer's and player's hands have been compared, the winner of the game is decided. If both your high and low hands are better than that of the dealer, you win in the game.

However, if the dealer's two hands are better, then you lose. If only one of your hands is better than the dealer's hands, the game is treated as push in most variations of pai gow.

What is a Push?

When the result of the game leads to a push, you will not lose your original stake. However, it will be used for the next game round as you will not be allowed to cash it out.

In almost all variations of pai gow, ties go to the dealer. So, if both the player's and dealer's hands are the same, the dealer wins the game automatically without any push to the next game round.

Free Pai Gow

So far, we have explained the gameplay of pai gow in this comprehensive guide. To understand how the game works better, you can play the free mode online without wagering any real money at all.

Free pai gow will allow you to test the game's features and also practice. However, you will not be able to win any real money from the game since it is played in demo mode.

Pai Gow Ultimate Guide